Month: June 2015

Fort Building 101

Maybe my love of fort building comes from being a 90’s kid, wanting to re-create the epic fortresses I saw in Mario games. None the less, building forts is a perfect summer past time!

Let’s face it, we can only swim so many hours in a day and the kids will eventually move inside. When they do, we want to keep the fun going!

The key to a great fort is letting the kids get creative with it. You don’t need a huge space, or 20 blankets that you’ll have to wash later. You need a few sheets, chairs, and you’re good to go!

Once you have your sheets and chairs, create a high point where the sheet will cascade down from. Then wrap the ends of the sheets around the chairs. If the sheets don’t stay by themselves, tying them with a ponytail holder usually does the trick.


As you can see in the picture, the real fun begins when you get inside with the kids. Allowing them to create their own space and add special stuffed buddies and games is what makes memories that will last through the school year 🙂