Convenience & Consistency
Questions & Answers

When is the service available?
Sitters are available whenever you need them – daytime, evening, weekend, holidays or even overnight. Though It’s not always possible to fill every request, we do our best to meet your needs!

Can I meet the sitter beforehand?
We would love to meet with you before we are needed. The chance for introduction is very important for trust and comfort with one another. We are happy to meet at your home or any other convenient location. If a first meet is not possible, we suggest that on the first booking you invite the sitter to your home a bit earlier than needed so you can introduce them to your children or pets, show them around and see their interactions. This way you may leave with a total peace of mind.

Can I have the same sitter every time?
We will do our best to give you the same sitter every time, however, this may not always be possible. We recommend that your family gets to know each sitter, so we can cover all your requirements. This will ensure that your children, pets, or home have the continuity of care from regular sitters.

Does the sitter have to come to my house?
No – If you require a sitter at a special event, such as a wedding or family party, we are flexible to travel to different locations and work where ever you may need us!
Are there any booking fees?

A one-time registration fee of $20 will apply to all new clients

There are a 3 fees which may occur dependent on circumstance – listed below.

  • Sitter Travel Fee – $5: If sitter is traveling more than 25 miles to you home
  • Convenience Fee – $5: If bookings are requested and filled with less than 24 hours notice
  • Cancellation Fee – $15: If bookings are cancelled within 48 hours of the booking