“We reached out to HCS with less than a week’s notice to fulfill two weekend requests the weekend before Christmas. A Saturday from 2-7, and a Sunday from 6:30am-1:30pm. Within 2 days I had the names of both sitters coordinated to care for our kiddos. Both Julia and Adreyana were punctual, pleasant, and cleaned up all dishes she and the kids used. We wound up paying only slightly more than we usually pay our sitters, and HCS took care of all the stress of coordinating. Added bonus, I know the owner is a God-fearing woman who runs her business with biblical principles. Go HCS! Thank you for wonderful service and amazing care of my kids. ♥” Stephanie B.

“We reached out to HCS for a church event where we wanted all church members to be in attendance but that meant we wouldn’t have care givers for children 3 and under. We emailed our request, which was pretty short notice, and they had 3 sitters for us the night of our event. All of them were sweet, respectful and professional. The church members were comfortable leaving their children and the sitters all cared so well for the youngest members of our church family. Thank you HCS!” Holly K.

“We love love HCS! I have used them exclusively for close to a year now and have had three different sitters.  Every single sitter is fun, energetic, and professional. The kids love them and can’t wait for Mom and Dad to go out again!” Jennifer H.

“I was visiting my parents from Houston and was in a pinch to get a sitter for a wedding. Luckily, they were able to help us out. A darling HCS girl arrived with a smile and took my boys under her wing and out of my hands. We had absolutely no problem at all. Thanks! Noel G.

“Sarah and Bekah were both wonderful! The girls loved them and I would like to highly recommend your service. Thank you!”

“It is so nice to know that my household is being cared for when we are away.” ​Darla L.

“We wish knew about y’all sooner! Such a great service!”M’Rhea and Melissa “Your agency really helped us so much, especially in those last several weeks before our move!” “We wish you many blessings and continued success” ​Grace V.

“I am in love with the convenience of your service and the sitters we’ve had from your group have been lovely.” Christina B.

“Your company has made a HUGE difference in our lives… THANK YOU SO MUCH.” Jamie C.

“Katie bragged all the next day about the necklaces Miss Emily made with her.  She has such a wonderful time when any of the Hill Country Sitters come to our house!” Sarah S.

“Our boys are excited to have any Hill Country Sitter come over. It’s not a struggle for us to get out of the house, they actually give us a little push!” ​Cristel P.

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