Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Rates
$15-$20 per visit; 2+ visits daily
$15-$30 per visit; 1 visit daily
$30-$45; overnight stays

Additional charges may be applied based on number of pets and visits, mileage to your home, holidays or tasks needed.
Everyone has different circumstances and factors to consider, so please call or email us to discuss your wants and needs!

Why a Sitter?
– Pampered pets are happiest at home, secure in their normal routines
– Eliminate exposure to illnesses of other animals
– Daily food, water, and treats
– Play time, exercise, and loving care
– Clean kennels, cages, beds, or litter boxes
– Special needs pets receive trained care and attention to maintain medication and treatment schedules

Pet Sitting Basics
Provide fresh water and food
Let pets out
Playtime/exercise (10-15 minutes)
Miscellaneous housekeeping, watering plants, bringing in the mail

Overnight Stays
10 hours of consecutive care from 9pm to 6am. Includes giving medications, feeding and refreshing water for pets, potty breaks, litter change, walking your pet, spot cleaning indoor if needed, outdoor waste removal, taking in mail and newspaper, lights on/off and security checks.

Dog walking
Daytime dog walking is a pet sitting service on a weekly, ongoing basis. A dog walker is usually hired to walk or visit dogs that need a regular break during the busy work day. You may schedule your dog(s) for daily visits or just a few days of the week, often once or twice a day depending on your work schedule and the needs of the animals. The most common dog walking visits are scheduled for somewhere between 20 and 60 minutes.